Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Dental implant procedure and what to expect from it

A dental implant set up procedure is an outpatient surgical procedure that is performed in multiple stages. If you are having oral problems such as missing teeth, bad teeth, failing teeth, bad breath and/or gum disease, then you should go for a dental implant procedure to correct those problems. This surgical operation can be done on a single tooth or multiple teeth. Sometimes they are done on all the teeth to correct critical problem areas. If you are looking to do away with the old partials or dentures, you can opt for this procedure as well. A dental implant clinic in Ahmedabad can carry out detailed initial checkup of the affected tooth/teeth or area and carry out the procedure or obtaining the best results.
Here are the basic steps of the dental implant procedure:
  • At first, the damaged tooth is detected and removed.
  • The jawbone is then prepared for surgery; during this stage, bone grafting may be needed to be done as a pre-surgical procedure.
  • Once the jawbone heals, the oral surgeon is going to place the metal post for the dental implant in the jawbone.
  • This is followed by a healing period which may last for several months.
  • The oral surgeon then places the abutment in the area of operation. The abutment is actually an extension of implant metal post. Sometimes this process is carried out simultaneously with the placement of the implant if the medical team thinks that the implant is quite stable.
  • The soft tissue then needs to go through a period of healing. Once it is done, the dentist is going to make molds of the jawbone and teeth and place the final tooth/teeth later.
This whole process might take several months from the start to finish. A lot of this time is actually devoted to healing of the area and waiting for growth of the new bone in the jaw.
Placing a dental implant
In order to place a dental implant, the oral surgeon is going to make a cut to open the gum for exposing the bone. Holes will be made into the bone at the area where the metal post for the dental implant is going to be placed. As the metal post is going to function as tooth root, it is deeply implanted into the bone. During this stage, there is a gap at the place where the old tooth is missing. Sometimes a temporary denture is created and placed in this area. You can also remove this denture from time to time to aid in cleaning or while you sleep.
Waiting for the growth of the bone
After the metal post for the implant has been properly placed in the jawbone, a process known as osseointegration takes place. In this stage, the jawbone steadily grows into and fuses with the dental implant’s surface. The process of fusion may take many months to occur and can provide with a firm base for the new artificial tooth, much like the natural roots.

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