Monday, 26 February 2018

5 biggest Oral problems you need to worry about

People really need to take good care of every little oral problem, but not everyone takes these issues too seriously especially in younger age. There are different issues such as bad breath and awful-looking smile which are very common issues for those don’t care much about their dental health. Apart from this, there are many serious diseases too such as, Diabetes, lung disease, stroke, low birth weight, etc., that can be the outcome of bad oral conditions.

A recent report from the United States says that there are 47.2% adults under the age of 30 or 30+ who are suffering from oral decease. Thankfully, almost every dental problem has a solution if you are opting for the best dentist in Ahmedabad.

Here are some oral problems and their solutions:

1.       Consumption of tobacco

Consumption of tobacco in any form is dangerous for the dental health, but chewing tobacco is relatively causes more problem to the teeth and gums. A moist powdery form of tobacco, known as snus, slowly damages the tissues of the gums and tooth enamel. With the passing time, the gums start to lose its actual shape and the roots of teeth become visible. With such a condition the risks of tooth decay and sensitivity becomes higher.

Other than this, the chewing tobacco has a flavor in which sugar is added, and as we all know that sugar is always the worst enemy of our mouth which lead us a step closer towards dental issues. Along with chewing tobacco, the smoking tobacco such as cigarettes, cigars, and pipes are also harmful to the oral health. Always avoid these products for a better health.

2.       Less nutritional diet

Proper diet and nutrition are one of the most important points to remember for the betterment of the oral health maintenance. The most popular hazard related to dental diet is the sugar. The increased rate of sugar consumption means that the bacteria in the mouth are also increasing as sugar feeds the bacteria.

Bacteria are the reason for tooth decay, which turns into the cavity with time if not proper care is given. In a recent research, it is found that the more than half of Americans have at least a single a serving of sugary beverages. These sugary sodas are the most dangerous source of tooth decay in the diet and therefore it is recommended to avoid regular consumption of such beverages.

But if you carefully study about the bad factors for the dental health, you will find out that sugary food is not the only bad factor for your oral health. An insufficient diet can also cause problems for your mouth. With the lack of nutritional diet, your body misses out different nutrition which is required for the body to keep fighting with different diseases to stay healthy. Thus, always make sure that you are getting a proper and well-balanced diet with less sugar to remain healthy.

3.       Not visiting dentists regularly

Never avoid or skip your dentist visits. Neglecting to see the dentists regularly is also one of the reasons of the unhealthy teeth. There are best dentists in Ahmedabad whom you can visit for regular checkups. These dentists with latest technologies can spot the problems in the early stages and treat these issues on time to make sure that they don’t turn into the serious issues for your oral health. Hence, create a proper schedule for visiting dentists as skipping the dentist visits is not a good idea for your dental problems like dental implant, root canal treatment.

4.       Allowing problems to stay

Letting problems to stay for a longer period can lead you towards the more dangerous situation as compared to the present condition of your mouth. It has been observed that many people over the age of 65+ lose their teeth because they neglected the oral issues in their younger age. All you need to understand is a famous quote which says prevention is better than cure. The symptoms are visible in the early stages of the problems such as bleeding gums and bad breath. Recognise these symptoms and visit a dentist for a regular checkup to figure it out.

5.       Avoiding you gums

The health of our gums is as equally important as the health of our teeth. An unhealthy gum can be the ultimate reason for the tooth loss, therefore it is advised to keep closely monitor the condition your gums for a better overall oral health. A better cleaning and regular brushing can help you to maintain the condition of your gums.

Overall, it is all about what you consume and what type of diet you take, and most importantly never miss a single chance to visit the dentist for a regular checkup so that you can also understand that what steps are required for maintaining a good oral health.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Why Single-Tooth Dental Implant Is Beneficial For Your Smile

With the different aging phases of life, many people face different health issues in their life. One of the most known issues is the dental issues which sometimes can be a painful experience. It has been found that many adults lose a tooth by the time they reach their mature age. Most of them think that this is just a matter of looks which they can comport with, without realizing that this could lead them to a greater number of other issues.

There are different institutes and clinics for dental implant in Ahmedabad that can certainly help you in maintaining your smile. Single-tooth dental implants are the most effective practice which is suitable for the patients who have lost a tooth or they are planning for tooth extraction.

Condition of your mouth after you lose a tooth

Being one of the most valuable parts of our body, teeth play several important roles other than just eat and speak. The roots of our teeth go deeper inside so that it can connect with the jaw for the bone simulation. In the absence of these roots, the bones are unable to simulate and become weaker.

Those who have a missing tooth or two in their sets of teeth have a higher risk of getting infected with problems like gum disease, facial deformities, malocclusion and sometimes it can even lead them towards tooth decay. There are different removable replacements available for example dentures, that can help the patient to partially deal with their dental issues, but they are still not enough to provide a long-term and satisfying solution to the patient.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants surgery has become one of the most practiced solutions these days. It is also considered as the most effective treatment that can stay for a longer period to cure the tooth loss. The devices used for the dental implant consists a titanium rod which goes into the empty space of missing tooth, and from there it reaches the jaw. There is crown fitted at the top of these devices which acts like a saddle. This crown helps in restoring the natural shape and appearance of the teeth.

Why are single-tooth dental implants successful?

The most common reason why many patients go for a single-tooth dental implant is that the screening process of this treatment covers almost every single detail. The qualified dentists that are available for the dental implant in Ahmedabad are extremely skillful and take proper care of the patients while doing the treatment. They usually check the medical history of the patients and the condition of the gums to find out if there is another oral health issue that can be developed and treat it accordingly.

How the procedure goes and what are the results?

There is not much time required for the single-tooth dental implant as it hardly takes an hour if there no other treatment is going on for the patient. The experienced team of the dental implant Ahmedabad skillfully operates the surgery and anchors these titanium rod devices into the empty space to make its way into the bone.

It takes a little while to heal the operated part. Once it is done with the attachment process of the bone, the crown is applied at the top of the attached piece to give it a finishing touch to a broader smile of the patient. With the correct installation of these devices and after a successfully done dental implant, these titanium rods can stay for a lifelong period in patient’s mouth without creating any issues. On the other hand, the fitted crown at the top of these rods can stay for 15 years if not more. That is why it is known for the best long-term solution the related issues.

With the help of the dental implants, patients not only get a satisfying solution, it allows them to speak up more confidently and also give them the liberty to enjoy all their favorite food.

If you are one of those patients who just lost a tooth or compromising with your bad oral condition, then it is highly recommended to take care of your health by opting for the dental implant and keep smiling. Aashu Dental Clinic provides treatments like dental implant, root canal treatment, cosmetic dental implants, teeth whitening, etc. at affordable price.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Dental Implant - What You Ought to Know

Losing a tooth not only impairs the functioning but also makes a big dent on your appearance and a time comes when the later becomes more important than the problems faced due to the lost tooth. Fortunately, quality dental implant facilities are available in Ahmadabad; you don’t need to spend embarrassing days. A toothless grin looks heavenly when it comes from a little child but imagine the same from an adult!  Aesthetically, it is unimaginable. So, let us see why should we go for dental implant Ahmedabad and what are the facilities that Aashu Dental Clinic offer?

Why Dental Implant?
A dental implant or fixture is embedded in our jaw bone to replace the natural tooth. It usually supports the prosthesis like fixed or removable or fixed denture or crowns. This process is called osseo-integration. Bones forms around the implant and give stability and firm anchorage. This ensures optimum output by the artificial tooth. If you have a tooth or two missing, you can go to Aashu Dental Clinic. This is a long term solution to reclaim the lost facial aesthetics. There will be no more embarrassment in speaking, eating and smiling. Dentures are uncomfortable and they make these procedures very inconvenient.
With dental implant, there are added advantages as well. Aashu Dental clinic takes minimum time to prepare the teeth. For example, to fabricate tooth bridge, the adjacent tooth is required to be reduced which is not required for dental implants. Durability is another positive aspect. If you follow the instructions of your dentist regarding the oral hygiene and proper care of the fixture, your implant is likely to last for the lifetime.
With fixed or removable dentures come a list of restrictions regarding what to eat and what not to. For example, sticky and hard food is a strict no. But you are completely flexible with dental implants. You can eat whatever you want to. From caramel brownies to almonds and walnuts- you don’t need to compromise on your favorite food item. And last but not the least, convenience. Aashu Dental clinic ensures that the fixtures are embedded so neatly that they never give the feeling of having a foreign element inside the jawbone. It will feel like your natural teeth.
Best Facilities
Some of the facilities offered by Aashu Dental Clinic are par excellence. Some clinics offer “same day implant” plan. Today, everyone is busy and if you are in entertainment or hospitality sector, you cannot afford to lose your facial aesthetics even for a day. This plan is exclusively for them. This also works for them who are on dental tourism. In most of the western countries, dental health is not included in basic health insurance so dentistry is very expensive. It is easier and cheaper for them to come all the way to India, get the dental surgery done, recover and go back to respective countries. There are absolutely no hidden costs or clauses written in fine prints. Credit card payment as well as 0% EMI financing is available keeping the competitive price in mind.

Technology and software used in these clinics are from Germany. Every year a lot of patients come from neighboring as well as distant foreign countries. Some premium services are offered to them to save them from the obvious harassments. But these clinics provide world class facilities of dental cosmetics, restorative dentistry and orthodontic dentistry to one and all. Most of these clinics have been around for last 20 years and have made goodwill of their own over the period of time. So, when you think your uncomfortable dentures are not working and it is time for something convenient and durable, go for dental implant.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Cosmetic Dentistry And It’s Distinct Advantages

In today’s world where more people are looking to seek social success, aesthetic beauty plays a very important role in providing people with the scope of getting acquainted with more number of people. The more beautiful or handsome a person is; the better are his or her chances to meet people and develop strong bonds and relationships with them. Although plenty of people are naturally endowed with great looks and a gorgeous smile, not everyone is lucky in that way.
There are people who feel that the improper setting of their tooth, jaw and gums make it difficult for them to achieve maximum success in life. For them, the best thing to do is to get in touch with a cosmetic dentistry expert who can rectify the abnormalities in the setting of the teeth and ensure a bright and gregarious smile.
Cosmetic dentistry is a special branch of dental services that takes into account the aesthetic anomalies that a person may have in his or her setting of teeth, gums and the jaw. The role of a cosmetic dentist is to detect the problem areas and recommend appropriate measures so that the person can have a good smile and a positive self image.
Many times, cosmetic dentistry also helps to resolve functional problems within the teeth so that the person may consume food properly or have no pain in different parts of the mouth. A cosmetics dental clinic can provide with an array of specialized procedures that can be used for correcting different types of issues with the structure of the teeth and gums.
A professional cosmetic dentist Ahmedabad has many years of experience in attending to different kinds of issues people face with their teeth, gums and jaw setting. These doctors can use a number of medical tools and techniques to get rid of the anomalies or problems and make sure that the patient can have a good smile.
More often than not, such a surgical procedure can completely change the life of the individual. There are plenty of people who have been suffering from lower self esteem for many years due to their unsavory smile and physical appearance. However, with the help of the services offered by a cosmetic dentistry expert, the patient can have a positive life and embrace his or her happiness in more ways than one. This can surely make them truly happy and content with their lives.
Over the years, the science and technology associated with cosmetic dentistry has improved a lot. This means that dental anomalies that were once considered difficult for treatment can now be cured easily. Whether it is carrying out regular cleaning work or performing intensive surgical operations, a cosmetic dental expert can provide with solutions that are best for any patient with mild or severe dental aesthetic problems. The effectiveness of such procedures have encouraged more and more people to seek the professional help of cosmetic dentists as it can help them to have a positive and rewarding social life.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Why should you consider using dental implants?

Dental implants can be defined as fixtures that are placed inside your jaws. They are prosthetic in nature and are supposed to be used as replacements for your natural teeth. They can replace a crown or even a fixed denture. They could replace removable dentures. After dental implants are placed in your mouth bone formation occurs in the area that surrounds the fixture in question. This helps the implant to be anchored firmly. The artificial tooth also becomes stable in the process. Now, you may be asking how these things work. Well, how durable and strong these things remain all depends on the connection that they are able to form with the jaw bone nearby.


This is what this entire process is referred to. It makes sure that the prosthesis that the doctor has placed over the implant remains stable and is retained naturally. This means that your artificial tooth is as functional as it should be. This is one reason why so many people opt for dental implant Ahmedabad these days. In fact, the number of people using dental implants has been steadily increasing over the years. Now, you may be asking who should get an implant.


Who should use dental implants?

Normally, anyone who is missing a tooth or two should get a dental implant. Such people can be regarded as ideal candidates for such procedures. There are certain situations where you should definitely consider dental implants. Do you want to have a solution for your missing natural teeth and do you wish for it durable and long term? Do you want to make sure that your face looks as good as it did before you started missing your natural teeth? Do you wish to be able to speak and eat without facing any problem whatsoever? Are your dentures uncomfortable and inconvenient and do you wish to get rid of them? If the answers to these questions are yes, you should definitely consider getting dental implants.

How are they better than the other kinds of dental prosthetics?

There are some good reasons as to why these are the finest form of dental prosthetics. They are the most durable and also happen to offer the maximum amount of convenience as well. They can easily replace your missing teeth, much better than what bridges and dentures are able to do. First of all, with these you can easily smile as beautifully as you were able to do when you had the natural teeth.
When you lose a lot of teeth at the same time it can really ruin your face as well as your smile. When you get implants you can get some pretty prosthesis placed over there. This way you can get all your charm and beauty of the old back. They also happen to be highly durable. As opposed to dental bridges and dentures they are created to last forever. If you take the right care of your teeth and listen to what your dentist has to say then these will really last you a long time.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Know About Dental Implant Treatment

Dental Implant systems are actually the standard of care for tooth replacing, improving the dental health of countless people with missing teeth. Implants also have significantly influenced dental economics with an escalating number of dental practices and businesses offering their products and services. To gain market share, several dental techniques promote dental implants in the paper, with mailers, or on the web, offering incentives to attract prospective patients to their offices. The abutment is the expansion connected to the implant, supporting the crown. Such Special fees don't correlate with the cost of labour and materials for a degree of precision and quality that implant supported crowns need. 

As you can tell, these prices to the dentist automatically add up to $1, 360 to $1, 950 only for the cost of resources. Placing No frill improvements: Implants are titanium posts which are placed to the bone and act as origin support for the abutment and crown. There are several generic implants accessible on the marketplace which will cost $95 to $150. The grab: Significant features like titanium makeup, machines, surface kind, design, and sterility of those Copy improvements are not well recorded. Usage of stock abutments: The abutment Can be the expansion that's connected to the implant and supports the crown. 

Stock abutments are produced by the implant companies and can be found in several standard sizes. Re using implant exercises which are used to organize the bone where the implant is put. A drill sharpness, sequence, and surgical technique are very important to reaching a stable implant with healthful bone and proper healing. The durability and success of implant supported crowns depends upon accurate and top quality work. Non fitting components and low quality components may cause crowns or improvements to fail. The catch: Whilst it saves time and money, skipping this step often results in poor implant placement that may be too close to other tooth, tilted outward or inward, or set too deep. The outcome is an abnormal looking crown that could be challenging to clean, potentially causing gum recession and bone loss, and increase the potential risk of implant failure. It can take many years of training and expertise to spot a dental implant. Teeth-in-A Day means you've your tooth removed, improvements placed, and receive crowns, bridges, or dentures all in one day.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

The importance of getting dental implants

Setting of dental implants is one of the services that can be offered by a professional dentist. The dental implants are primarily metal frames or posts that can be surgically placed into the jawbone just beneath the gums. After they are placed in the area, they allow the dentist to mount the replacement teeth on them. It is said to be an effective form of treatment for cases involving missing teeth, tooth loss, tooth injury, tooth decay and periodontal disease. The dental implants serve as replacement tooth roots and provide a robust foundation for the removable or fixed replacement teeth that is made to perfectly match the natural teeth.
A dental implant expert in Ahmedabad can inspect the specific nature of the dental problem and set up dental implants that perfectly offer support to the whole jaw and dentals structure.
As the dental implants strongly fuse to the jawbone, they offer stable support for the artificial teeth. Bridges and dentures that are mounted to the implants won't just slip or shift in the mouth. This is particularly advantageous for a person when he or she is trying to eat or speak. The secure fit allows proper alignment of the bridges and dentures and the individual crowns that are placed over the implants feel more natural compared to the conventional dentures or bridges.
There are mainly two different types of dental implants that are offered by professional dentists.
The first type is the endosteal implants, which are directly surgically implanted into the jawbone. After the surrounding gum tissues have healed, another second surgery is carried out for connecting a post to original implant. An artificial tooth/ teeth are then finally attached to the post, either individually or in a cluster on a denture or bridge.
The second type of implant is the subperiosteal implants. These come with a metal frame fitted on the jawbone below the actual gum tissue. With the progressive healing of the gums, the frame gets fixed to the associated jawbone. The posts are attached to frame and they protrude through these gums.
There are numerous advantages of getting dental implants installed. For instance, they help to improve the appearance of the gums and teeth and also have a major positive impact on the quality of speech. The implants also help a person to eat without pain or discomfort. The implants also help to improve a person’s overall self confidence.