Monday, 26 February 2018

5 biggest Oral problems you need to worry about

People really need to take good care of every little oral problem, but not everyone takes these issues too seriously especially in younger age. There are different issues such as bad breath and awful-looking smile which are very common issues for those don’t care much about their dental health. Apart from this, there are many serious diseases too such as, Diabetes, lung disease, stroke, low birth weight, etc., that can be the outcome of bad oral conditions.

A recent report from the United States says that there are 47.2% adults under the age of 30 or 30+ who are suffering from oral decease. Thankfully, almost every dental problem has a solution if you are opting for the best dentist in Ahmedabad.

Here are some oral problems and their solutions:

1.       Consumption of tobacco

Consumption of tobacco in any form is dangerous for the dental health, but chewing tobacco is relatively causes more problem to the teeth and gums. A moist powdery form of tobacco, known as snus, slowly damages the tissues of the gums and tooth enamel. With the passing time, the gums start to lose its actual shape and the roots of teeth become visible. With such a condition the risks of tooth decay and sensitivity becomes higher.

Other than this, the chewing tobacco has a flavor in which sugar is added, and as we all know that sugar is always the worst enemy of our mouth which lead us a step closer towards dental issues. Along with chewing tobacco, the smoking tobacco such as cigarettes, cigars, and pipes are also harmful to the oral health. Always avoid these products for a better health.

2.       Less nutritional diet

Proper diet and nutrition are one of the most important points to remember for the betterment of the oral health maintenance. The most popular hazard related to dental diet is the sugar. The increased rate of sugar consumption means that the bacteria in the mouth are also increasing as sugar feeds the bacteria.

Bacteria are the reason for tooth decay, which turns into the cavity with time if not proper care is given. In a recent research, it is found that the more than half of Americans have at least a single a serving of sugary beverages. These sugary sodas are the most dangerous source of tooth decay in the diet and therefore it is recommended to avoid regular consumption of such beverages.

But if you carefully study about the bad factors for the dental health, you will find out that sugary food is not the only bad factor for your oral health. An insufficient diet can also cause problems for your mouth. With the lack of nutritional diet, your body misses out different nutrition which is required for the body to keep fighting with different diseases to stay healthy. Thus, always make sure that you are getting a proper and well-balanced diet with less sugar to remain healthy.

3.       Not visiting dentists regularly

Never avoid or skip your dentist visits. Neglecting to see the dentists regularly is also one of the reasons of the unhealthy teeth. There are best dentists in Ahmedabad whom you can visit for regular checkups. These dentists with latest technologies can spot the problems in the early stages and treat these issues on time to make sure that they don’t turn into the serious issues for your oral health. Hence, create a proper schedule for visiting dentists as skipping the dentist visits is not a good idea for your dental problems like dental implant, root canal treatment.

4.       Allowing problems to stay

Letting problems to stay for a longer period can lead you towards the more dangerous situation as compared to the present condition of your mouth. It has been observed that many people over the age of 65+ lose their teeth because they neglected the oral issues in their younger age. All you need to understand is a famous quote which says prevention is better than cure. The symptoms are visible in the early stages of the problems such as bleeding gums and bad breath. Recognise these symptoms and visit a dentist for a regular checkup to figure it out.

5.       Avoiding you gums

The health of our gums is as equally important as the health of our teeth. An unhealthy gum can be the ultimate reason for the tooth loss, therefore it is advised to keep closely monitor the condition your gums for a better overall oral health. A better cleaning and regular brushing can help you to maintain the condition of your gums.

Overall, it is all about what you consume and what type of diet you take, and most importantly never miss a single chance to visit the dentist for a regular checkup so that you can also understand that what steps are required for maintaining a good oral health.

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