Monday, 19 February 2018

Why Single-Tooth Dental Implant Is Beneficial For Your Smile

With the different aging phases of life, many people face different health issues in their life. One of the most known issues is the dental issues which sometimes can be a painful experience. It has been found that many adults lose a tooth by the time they reach their mature age. Most of them think that this is just a matter of looks which they can comport with, without realizing that this could lead them to a greater number of other issues.

There are different institutes and clinics for dental implant in Ahmedabad that can certainly help you in maintaining your smile. Single-tooth dental implants are the most effective practice which is suitable for the patients who have lost a tooth or they are planning for tooth extraction.

Condition of your mouth after you lose a tooth

Being one of the most valuable parts of our body, teeth play several important roles other than just eat and speak. The roots of our teeth go deeper inside so that it can connect with the jaw for the bone simulation. In the absence of these roots, the bones are unable to simulate and become weaker.

Those who have a missing tooth or two in their sets of teeth have a higher risk of getting infected with problems like gum disease, facial deformities, malocclusion and sometimes it can even lead them towards tooth decay. There are different removable replacements available for example dentures, that can help the patient to partially deal with their dental issues, but they are still not enough to provide a long-term and satisfying solution to the patient.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants surgery has become one of the most practiced solutions these days. It is also considered as the most effective treatment that can stay for a longer period to cure the tooth loss. The devices used for the dental implant consists a titanium rod which goes into the empty space of missing tooth, and from there it reaches the jaw. There is crown fitted at the top of these devices which acts like a saddle. This crown helps in restoring the natural shape and appearance of the teeth.

Why are single-tooth dental implants successful?

The most common reason why many patients go for a single-tooth dental implant is that the screening process of this treatment covers almost every single detail. The qualified dentists that are available for the dental implant in Ahmedabad are extremely skillful and take proper care of the patients while doing the treatment. They usually check the medical history of the patients and the condition of the gums to find out if there is another oral health issue that can be developed and treat it accordingly.

How the procedure goes and what are the results?

There is not much time required for the single-tooth dental implant as it hardly takes an hour if there no other treatment is going on for the patient. The experienced team of the dental implant Ahmedabad skillfully operates the surgery and anchors these titanium rod devices into the empty space to make its way into the bone.

It takes a little while to heal the operated part. Once it is done with the attachment process of the bone, the crown is applied at the top of the attached piece to give it a finishing touch to a broader smile of the patient. With the correct installation of these devices and after a successfully done dental implant, these titanium rods can stay for a lifelong period in patient’s mouth without creating any issues. On the other hand, the fitted crown at the top of these rods can stay for 15 years if not more. That is why it is known for the best long-term solution the related issues.

With the help of the dental implants, patients not only get a satisfying solution, it allows them to speak up more confidently and also give them the liberty to enjoy all their favorite food.

If you are one of those patients who just lost a tooth or compromising with your bad oral condition, then it is highly recommended to take care of your health by opting for the dental implant and keep smiling. Aashu Dental Clinic provides treatments like dental implant, root canal treatment, cosmetic dental implants, teeth whitening, etc. at affordable price.

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