Monday, 11 December 2017

Dental Implant - What You Ought to Know

Losing a tooth not only impairs the functioning but also makes a big dent on your appearance and a time comes when the later becomes more important than the problems faced due to the lost tooth. Fortunately, quality dental implant facilities are available in Ahmadabad; you don’t need to spend embarrassing days. A toothless grin looks heavenly when it comes from a little child but imagine the same from an adult!  Aesthetically, it is unimaginable. So, let us see why should we go for dental implant Ahmedabad and what are the facilities that Aashu Dental Clinic offer?

Why Dental Implant?
A dental implant or fixture is embedded in our jaw bone to replace the natural tooth. It usually supports the prosthesis like fixed or removable or fixed denture or crowns. This process is called osseo-integration. Bones forms around the implant and give stability and firm anchorage. This ensures optimum output by the artificial tooth. If you have a tooth or two missing, you can go to Aashu Dental Clinic. This is a long term solution to reclaim the lost facial aesthetics. There will be no more embarrassment in speaking, eating and smiling. Dentures are uncomfortable and they make these procedures very inconvenient.
With dental implant, there are added advantages as well. Aashu Dental clinic takes minimum time to prepare the teeth. For example, to fabricate tooth bridge, the adjacent tooth is required to be reduced which is not required for dental implants. Durability is another positive aspect. If you follow the instructions of your dentist regarding the oral hygiene and proper care of the fixture, your implant is likely to last for the lifetime.
With fixed or removable dentures come a list of restrictions regarding what to eat and what not to. For example, sticky and hard food is a strict no. But you are completely flexible with dental implants. You can eat whatever you want to. From caramel brownies to almonds and walnuts- you don’t need to compromise on your favorite food item. And last but not the least, convenience. Aashu Dental clinic ensures that the fixtures are embedded so neatly that they never give the feeling of having a foreign element inside the jawbone. It will feel like your natural teeth.
Best Facilities
Some of the facilities offered by Aashu Dental Clinic are par excellence. Some clinics offer “same day implant” plan. Today, everyone is busy and if you are in entertainment or hospitality sector, you cannot afford to lose your facial aesthetics even for a day. This plan is exclusively for them. This also works for them who are on dental tourism. In most of the western countries, dental health is not included in basic health insurance so dentistry is very expensive. It is easier and cheaper for them to come all the way to India, get the dental surgery done, recover and go back to respective countries. There are absolutely no hidden costs or clauses written in fine prints. Credit card payment as well as 0% EMI financing is available keeping the competitive price in mind.

Technology and software used in these clinics are from Germany. Every year a lot of patients come from neighboring as well as distant foreign countries. Some premium services are offered to them to save them from the obvious harassments. But these clinics provide world class facilities of dental cosmetics, restorative dentistry and orthodontic dentistry to one and all. Most of these clinics have been around for last 20 years and have made goodwill of their own over the period of time. So, when you think your uncomfortable dentures are not working and it is time for something convenient and durable, go for dental implant.

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