Monday, 26 September 2016

Missing Teeth can be Replaced in a Variety of Ways

There are a lot of people in the world who do not have all their teeth and are looking for solutions such as dental implant to fix the problem. The main area of grouse for these people is the way that they look having lost a tooth or some teeth and they wish to fix it. Apart from the way that you look, missing tooth can also raise other health issues for an individual. As anyone may be aware that tooth replacement has been a specialty of dentists for over the years and now thanks to technological developments the choices are only increasing.

The process of dental import support restoration

Dental import support restoration is the method that most people opt for when they look to replace their missing teeth. This process of dental implant has a number of benefits. For starters, the new teeth are quite strong and the treatment also promises to last a really-long time. It is also quite easy to predict the results of these operations thanks to the technological developments these days.

The method of fixed bridge

The fixed bridge option is also a great one. Normally people go for this treatment when they already have strong teeth. This has been a conventional method of replacing your missing teeth in the sense that it has been used for the last 50-odd years.
The process of fixed bridge however, comes with some issues and they can actually lead people to lose more teeth. The major reason for this is the fact that the teeth of an individual are supposed to work in a certain way. However, when new teeth from the outside are brought in they become more rigid and in the process they also lose the cement-like seal that bonds them together. This means that the teeth become vulnerable to bacterial infection, which becomes more potent.

Options of denture

Experts also suggest wearing partial or full dentures if someone indeed needs dental implants of some or the other sort. Partial dentures are worn when people still have some teeth left in their mouths and full dentures are worn when there is not a single tooth remaining. However, as may be expected this method comes in with its plus points as well as minus points.

Why you should replace teeth

Experts say that there is definitely a lot of need for anyone to replace teeth that have either fallen or are in the process of being so. They say that the new teeth can help people eat properly and is aesthetically important as well. Apart from all this, there is the question of mental well-being. When people miss even a single tooth it disturbs the natural shape of their jaws and they look much older than they actually are. All this can have a bad effect on their psyche.

Questions pertaining to tooth replacement

Following are certain questions that need to be asked by people that are looking to replace their missed teeth:
  • ·         Are they missing any tooth?
  • ·         Do they have any tooth that looks like it can fall off in the near future?
  • ·         Have they been losing teeth and as a result are they concerned about whether and how this would affect the way they look in the future?
  • ·         Do they have a fixed bridge or denture as of now?

If the answers to these questions are yes then it is better that such people get in touch with dentists in Ahmedabad to resolve their issues. It is very important that they get the solution that is right for the problem that they may be facing. It is also important to do some research before going for such procedures like dental implant in Ahmedabad, root canal treatment, dental cosmetics etc,.

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