Monday, 17 October 2016

The Benefits of Dental Implant

Dental implants happen to be the most advanced – as well as being latest – form of treatment in the context of dentistry. This form of treatment allows new teeth to be restored but does not damage the teeth nearby the ones that are being implanted. The best thing is that the new teeth thus implanted feel absolutely natural. The process of dental implant can be defined medically as a process whereby the roots of teeth are replaced. Just like tooth roots, dental implants are placed in the jawbone and the beauty of this treatment is that once they are placed surgically they are not visible anymore to the naked eye.

Why and how are they done?

They are normally done in order to safeguard the crowns. Crowns are parts of teeth that are visible to us. Apart from that this form of surgery is also performed in order to secure the dentures or the bridgework in a human mouth. It is also referred to as implant reconstructive surgery and happens to be a form of dentistry that requires lot of skill and a high level of specialization in order to be done properly. It fuses various elements of periodontics, oral surgery, and prosthodontics.

What is a dental implant?

In this surgical process, tiny metal posts made from titanium are implanted in one’s teeth. It basically acts as a substitute to the natural root of your tooth. Once it is implanted surgically on to a jawbone an artificial tooth is built on it. This artificial tooth is permanent, fixed, and stable. There is a good reason that titanium is used in these processes. It possesses a property named osseointegration that allows it to be fused to bones.

How good are they?

As has been said already they feel just like natural teeth and can be used as such as well. They are far better than bridges, dentures, and any other form of dental treatment that is used normally. The reason in this case is that they do not have any problems that are normally associated with the traditional forms of dental treatment. They also are far superior in overcoming the challenges that normally happen with the aforementioned treatments.

Titanium is a durable alloy that is created with the specific purpose of lasting for a long time. This is why they are used in this form of treatment. The biggest factor of this form of technology is that it has been improving by leaps and bounds in the last three decades. Thanks to the usage of titanium and other improvements it is now expected that compared to 10 years back these implants have a 90 to 95 per cent better chance of succeeding.

Types of dental implant

There are different techniques that are used when making these implants but the dental implants  choice always depends on the bone condition of the patient and his or her needs. The implantologist normally takes these decisions after factoring in the aforementioned criteria – suitability is the main factor. 

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